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Non-Scale Victories

(Wow Moments!)

After my sweat-producing walk this morning, I took my shower and wrapped a towel around me.  The towel went all the way around and I had enough room left over to tuck it in.  This was a regular old Wal-Mart towel, not one of those luxury bath sheets.

This is a first for me.

What have been some of your non-scale victories?



I was leaning over to get something off the floor and felt a little pain in my side from the chair arm.  Ouch!  I felt my side and noticed a bump.  Yikes!  I kept feeling and felt others just like it.  I compared one side to the other and felt the same thing on both sides.




 I found my ribs! 

After years and years of being encased in fat, they are finally presenting themselves.

Hello ribs, nice to meet you!

The Papaya Experiment

Awhile back I write about trying 3 new fruits.  Here’s what I learned about papaya.

I bought the papaya while it was still green.  I had read up on papaya and knew that it needed to be a yellow-green color before I ate it, so I left it on the counter to ripen for a few days.

I bought it unripe.

After about one week sitting on the counter.

Then, I cut into it.  It sort of felt like a very ripe honeydew melon; some resistance, but still very easy to cut. 

The seeds looked like big caviar to me!

I cut it into strips, then into chunks, removing the seeds and the peel.

Then I tasted it…

I wasn’t impressed.  In fact, it didn’t really even have a taste to me.  Weirdly, it didn’t have a fragrance, either.   Now I’m wondering if I didn’t let it get ripe enough, or if their flavor is affected by being picked green and shipped thousands of miles away.

Next up – the apricots!

Our Little Garden Isn’t So Little Anymore!

Gardening – the Trials and Tribulations!

It seems like I’m never happy when it comes to this garden!  I complained when it was too wet to plant.  I complained when we weren’t getting enough rain and we needed to water.  I complained when we had a Tater Bug infestation.  Now I’m complaining about weeding and storms!

OK – let me preface this all by saying that we are blessed to have a great spot for a garden.  It was not expensive to rent this location AND we have access to city water.  There really is nothing to complain about and I should shut up.


I wanted to keep you up to date on what’s happening out in Garden-Land.  Actually, things aren’t too bad.  We did have a problem with a bug infestation.  We were trying so hard to keep our garden as organic as possible.  We did not want to use chemicals on our garden.  Unfortunately, the people around us didn’t feel the same way and we were surrounded by Sevin-dusted gardens.  The bugs left those gardens and started feasting on our potato plants!  Ack! 

We went up to water one night and found about 40% of our potato plants almost completely eaten down to the stalks.  We gave in that night and dusted them with Sevin.  The next day we found a better, more organic product and have started using that one instead, but we were bummed that we had to give in.  On the other hand, we felt like it was better to have a crop of potatoes (even with a few chemicals), than to lose the whole garden to bugs.  I normally taken photos of everything to show you, but that night, I was so devastated by the destruction caused by the bugs that I couldn’t bear to have photographic proof.

We know what we need to start with next year, though.

The good news is that the potatoes seem to have recovered nicely and we might get a decent crop after all! 

I went up last night to weed.  We’ve done a pretty good job in the straight rows with Mickey’s little tiller, but in the squash mounds, we haven’t kept up as well.  It’s starting to get out of hand.  My plan was to go up and chop away some weeds.  We’re going to pull out the big tiller as soon as it dries up a bit, but I wanted to at least get started on it.  I’d gotten 6 or 8 square feet of area weeded when a storm hit!  I thought about waiting it out, and then I realized that I was in my little car and I was afraid that it would get stuck in a muddy rut if I didn’t get out of there quickly. 

It was quite a little storm!

I took off and sure enough, the dirt road was nothing but mud, mud, mud and I slipped and slid all over it until I reached the graveled area.  So much for weeding.  Oh well, we’ll get it eventually.

We’ve stared harvesting a little bit, though!  We’ve pulled out a few dozen green onions, which I’ve dried, and we got our first banana pepper the other night.  We’ve also pulled off a couple small green peppers.

The beans look really good and the tomatoes are starting to bloom!  We have a couple of zucchinis that will be ready to pick in a few days and the first batch of corn plants are waist high now.  My sunflowers are big and bushy – I can’t wait until they bloom!

 Until my next gardening update…

Happy weeding!

Persistence Pays Off

This morning, I finally achieved my goal of doing a 15-minute mile!  I’ve been searching for music that’s fast enough and finally found some that will work:  Leslie Sansone’s Walking for Weight Loss.

This is a great walking CD! I just rip the music onto my computer, then load onto my mp3 player.

I had actually bought this CD a few months ago and the first time I tried walking with it, I could not keep up.  I’m not joking.  I kept up for about 2 songs and simply couldn’t go any further.  This morning, I did it!

I was out of breath and sweaty, but who cares?  That’s what showers are for, right?  Wait….did I just say that I didn’t care if I was sweaty?  Am I not the woman who said – not all that long ago, I might add – that I HATE to sweat?

Wow.  I am certainly changing, and in more ways than one.

Now my goal is to maintain this level of walking for a little while, maybe 2 – 3 weeks, and then kick it up to meet my next goal – a 12- minute mile!  I can do this!

I’m going to try jogging again soon.  I’m waiting until I get under a certain weight before I try that again, because I don’t want to damage my knees.  I may or may not be able to run that 5K before my birthday, but I can certainly speed-walk it!

More Visual Motivation


Today I noticed that the water cooler was empty and needed a new bottle.  As I struggled to pick up the new bottle, I wondered how much it weighed, so I took it to our scale and weighed it.  It weighed 44.5 pounds.

This weighs nearly 45 pounds!


I was struck by the comparison of the weight of that bottle, and the amount of weight that our patients lose.  Most patients lose at least 2 of those bottles in weight.  Many more lose three, four, five, or even six of those bottles!

From time to time, we need to remember and appreciate all the hard work we’ve done. 

Just sit back and count the water bottles!

 How many have you lost?

Strawberry Cannoli?

I found this recipe on The World According to Eggface and I just had to try it.  Strawberry Cannoli!  Who would even think about this?  Shelly, that blog’s creator, that’s who.  Shelly is, in my opinion, Queen of Ricotta Cheese Recipes!

Try these…you will not be disappointed.

You’ll need:

  • Strawberries
  • Ricotta Cheese (part skim)
  • Splenda (or sweetener of your choice)  – 5 or 6 packets; to taste
  • Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup (I used DaVinci brand) 2 tbs; to taste

Wash and cap your berries, then dig out the centers.  This is where you’ll put the filling.


Once you have all the berries prepared, mix the ricotta cheese, sweetener and syrup together; put into a zipper bag, and cut the corner off.  Use the bag to pipe your filling into the berries.




To visit Shelley’s blog, click here: