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Who am I?

I’m still trying to figure out who I am.  I know that I love to cook really good and healthy (most of the time) food.  My passion is growing and preserving foods.  I’d love to have my own Food Network show about canning!

I’ve been on a journey to lose 93 pounds for 18 months.  I”m down 65 so far.

I’m training for a 5K.

I like to make things of beauty.

I love my dogs.

I love my family.

I know that God loves me because I am blessed beyond belief.

Who am I?  Let’s find out together!


Comments on: "Who am I?" (1)

  1. Amy Walsh-Kuenneke said:

    I attended the cooking seminar on Tuesday then went home and made 3 of the 4 dishes for a neighbor who underwent foot surgery a week ago. She love the Fiesta Bean salad, fresh fruit salad and Avocado Lime shrimp. Keep the cooking demos coming…It’s worth the hour + drive to attend.

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