Better Choices, Better Results

The Papaya Experiment

Awhile back I write about trying 3 new fruits.  Here’s what I learned about papaya.

I bought the papaya while it was still green.  I had read up on papaya and knew that it needed to be a yellow-green color before I ate it, so I left it on the counter to ripen for a few days.

I bought it unripe.

After about one week sitting on the counter.

Then, I cut into it.  It sort of felt like a very ripe honeydew melon; some resistance, but still very easy to cut. 

The seeds looked like big caviar to me!

I cut it into strips, then into chunks, removing the seeds and the peel.

Then I tasted it…

I wasn’t impressed.  In fact, it didn’t really even have a taste to me.  Weirdly, it didn’t have a fragrance, either.   Now I’m wondering if I didn’t let it get ripe enough, or if their flavor is affected by being picked green and shipped thousands of miles away.

Next up – the apricots!


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