Better Choices, Better Results

I’m Back!

I haven’t forgotten about you!  A lot has been going on in my world, and I haven’t been making time to write about it.  I feel bad that I haven’t kept up, but I’m back, and ready to roll!


I have been experimenting with several recipes and will share my creations with you.  I’ll write about Muffin Pucks and Freezer Cooking and Recreating Fast Food Favorites, among other topics.


I still have the goal of running a 5K.  It will happen, and I’m gearing back up to start training again.  I’m getting a treadmill at home!

My Garden (Version 2012) is in the process of being planted.  I have purchased my own tiller, and this year, I’m on my own!  Right now I’ve got my potatoes and onions planted; everything else will be planted very soon.

Pudgy Puppy; my dog, Daisy Mae, is still a little too pudgy to be healthy.  We are walking her more and giving her far fewer treats.  She probably hates us right now, especially since she has a new baby sister: Molly Mae.  Molly joined us about a month ago.

More Nature, Fewer Chemicals

I am still waging my own personal war against chemicals, and I take many opportunities to throw out commercially-produced products for something more natural.


Doesn’t everyone seem to be carrying a lot of stress these days?  The economy seems to be the main source of stress in my life.  I am always on a quest to find ways to help de-stress my life and the lives of those I love.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a new post!


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