Better Choices, Better Results

My Evil Plan…..

Bwa –Ha-Ha-Ha!  My evil plan to make the world eat better is slowly gaining momentum!

I was talking to my cousin last night about the Salad in a Jar-thing that I do, and she said, “What?  You put lettuce in a jar and it lasts HOW long?  Every time I make a big salad, no one will eat it after the next day.” 

Then she ADMITTED that she doesn’t read my blog on a regular basis.

 Shame, shame, cousin-o-mine.

But it’s OK.  I forgive her.  And I’m more than willing to show her the magic.  Her husband loves salad, and doesn’t get to eat it as often as he would like because it just goes bad so quickly!

Here’s the secret, which I learned at this blog.  Cut, wash, spin-dry and store your lettuce in quart jars.  You must seal them with a vacuum sealer.   I use a Food-Saver with the jar attachment; I’ve heard that some of the smaller hand-held sealers will work, too.

The lettuce will stay fresh, crunchy and ready-to-eat for up to 14 days, depending on how fresh it was when it was placed in the jar.  I have had it last for 2-weeks, I’m not kidding. 

To make my salads even more convenient, I’ll spend 30 – 60 minutes one night cutting up carrots, peppers, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower, etc., to place into baggies.  I’ll measure out things like grapes, mandarin oranges, and beans into bag for toppings.  Cheeses, meats and dressings are also pre-measured and placed into single serving containers.

Every day that I want to have salad, all I have to do is go to my salad drawer and play mix-n-match.

Today, I had this:


Romain and Iceburg Lettuce, Carrots, Onions, Ham, Cheese, Grapes and Chickpeas! Delicious!



Go on!  Create your own Salad Drawer!


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