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Fruit! Glorious Fruit!

There’s no denying that nature has given us some of the most wonderful sweet-tasting foods around: fruit.  Fruit is wonderful.  It’s low-calorie and is nutrient-dense and comes in so many varieties!

What I’ve noticed, though, is that I tend to eat the same fruits over and over.  Year round, I eat apples, bananas, grapes, fresh and canned pineapples and fresh or canned oranges.  In the spring, I might have fresh berries, summer brings peaches and melons, fall offers fresh and new varieties of apples, and with winter comes fresh citrus: oranges and grapefruits. 

Looking at this list, I see that I probably eat a pretty good variety of fruits as compared to many Americans, but I still don’t think it’s enough.  I decided to try something new.

My goal: to find and try 3 fruits that I’ve never had before.

The scientists behind the Nutrition Action Healthletter have ranked fruits on the basis of their health benefits.   According to them, the top 5 fruits are:

  1. Guava
  2. Watermelon
  3. Grapefruit (pink or red)
  4. Kiwi
  5. Papaya

I went to Meijer last night to see what they were offering.  Where I live, I believe Meijer has the best and freshest options of fruits and vegetables outside of Farmer’s Markets.  It’s too early in the season to find much fruit at the Markets, so I had to settle for my second choice. 

As expected, the choices were incredible.

Oh my! What a selection!


I couldn’t find guava, and I’ve eaten watermelon, grapefruit and kiwi, so I hoped they had papaya. 


I found my papaya!

Success!  I bought apricots, a papaya and a kiwana, also known as a horned melon.  The papaya and apricots weren’t quite ripe yet, so I put those away to ripen and tried the kiwano.




Um, ok….this is unexpected.


My impressions?  Well, the green jelly has a cucumber-like flavor and the seeds, while edible, gave it a texture that I wasn’t crazy about.  You have to scrape this green jelly out with a spoon and it’s very liquid-like.  Over all, I didn’t really like it, but if I were on a deserted island and this is all I had to eat, I’d at least survive for awhile.

Next up – I’ll try the apricots or the papaya, whichever is ripe first.  I’ll report my findings!




For more information about the Nutrition Action Healthletter, click here.


Comments on: "Fruit! Glorious Fruit!" (1)

  1. I love your blogs. I found Bing Cherries at Meijers in Richmond on Friday. They have a different taste than the regular red ones if you’ve not tried them they are sweet but tart. If you put your papaya in a brown paper bag it helps to rippen.

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