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There are some days that you just want a little something.  A little sweetness.  A little…you know what I mean.  However, I have this problem of wanting to eat ALL of something sweet if it’s around, so I typically don’t keep anything, especially a whole cake, in the house.

3-2-1 Cake for One!

But what if you have company?  Is it fair to completely wipe the shelves clean knowing that someone could just drop by?  I wouldn’t have anything to offer them!  More importantly, I must think about the fact that it just might be considered unladylike in a southern household to not have something around to offer my guests.

I take pride in being a southern lady.

I had a dear friend over this weekend.  We just hung out and laughed and crafted and cooked.  A superb weekend by any standards, except for one little thing.  She was craving something sweet and I didn’t really have anything in the house that I could whip up for her.

This was a challenge!  She talked about cake, and while I probably had all the ingredients I needed to make one, it would have taken 2 – 3 hours to mix, bake, cool and frost a cake.  It was already 8:30pm, and as I have said before, I can’t have a lot of anything sweet in the house.

We started combing the internet for ideas.  At first we started looking at Mug Cakes.  Have you heard of those?  You mix your regular cake ingredients in a mug, and microwave for a few minutes, and out pops a cake-for-one.  Sounded like a plan until I started figuring out the nutrition values on a mug cake.  This was important to know, since we are both losing weight.

For those of you familiar with a well-known points program famous for helping people lose weight, I have to share that the mug cakes were between 22 – 27 points…EACH!  For one serving!

We considered making one anyway and splitting it, but still, that just seemed like so many calories and carbs and fat grams for so little real nutrition.

So we kept combing the internet.  My friend said, “Here’s one for only 3-points!”  That got my attention.  She said that I needed to take a regular cake mix and mix it together with a boxed angel food cake mix, then use 3 tablespoons of the mix, 2 tablespoons of water and nuke it for 1 minute.

I immediately went to the closest store and bought the two cake mixes.  We tried it and LOVED it!  It was just sweet enough, even without frosting.  It was just enough to satisfy that sweet craving, without going overboard.  And it was so easy.

First, buy your two cake mixes.  I bought a chocolate fudge and a regular angel food cake mix.  I dumped both into a large zipper bag and shook to combine.

What you need: the mix, a measuring spoon, a small coffee mug and liquid. I used 1 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon of Sugar-free Kahlua-flavored syrup.

Then we added our liquid.

Just dump it all in...

We stirred.

...and stir.

We nuked.

This is what it looks like after cooking in the microwave for 1-minute.

We enjoyed.

Presentation is everything! Take it out of the mug and dress it up with a little fruit, whipped topping and mini chocolate chips!

I ended up giving her half of the mixture to take home and share with her family, and believe me, I still have enough mix to have cake for quite awhile.

This is such a great idea!  I wish I knew who thought of this so I could thank her (or him).

Want a bite?


Comments on: "3…2…1…Cake!" (2)

  1. I’m like you, I struggle with having sweets in the house! This is a fabulous idea…it looks so delicious. I just know I am going to have to try it!

    • It’s great! I’m already planning on purchasing a lemon cake and subbing 1 tb. of lemon juice for 1 tb. of the water.

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