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Look Ma! No Donuts!

Webster’s Dictionary defines donut as:  a small, usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat.   I define them as: Sugary pieces of delight created by the Devil himself!

I do love donuts.  I love that they are crsipy and sweet on the outside and soft and comforting on the inside.  I love that they come in so many varieties.  I love that they are portable, one-hand food.

Smell no evil, touch no evil, eat no evil!

I love them so much that when they are around, I must have them ALL eaten before the end of the day.  A dozen glazed Krispy Kremes would, in my former life, be completely be devoured in just a few hours. 

To sum it up, I cannot have them around.

So, when some were brought in to work yesterday, I found myself looking at them all day.  Every time I went into the break room, I looked at them.  When I fixed my healthy and wholesome lunch, I looked at them.  When I prepared protein shakes for some patients, I looked at them.

But I didn’t touch them.  I didn’t smell them, and I DID NOT EAT THEM! 

This morning, there are 2 left in the box, and I’m so proud of myself for avoiding them all day yesterday, that I won’t even consider grabbing one from the box.

This has been a relatively successful week for me.  Here’s a break-down:

1. I didn’t eat the donuts.
2. I have done some type of physical activity every day this week.
3. I have eaten healthfully at every meal except one.
4. I have been tracking my food.
5. And lest we forget: I didn’t eat the donuts!

My next goal is to get away from carbonation again.  

I’ve also realized that my Leslie Sansone 1-Mile Power Walk isn’t enough to get my blood pumping, so I bought this on the way to work this morning:

Let's pump up the energy and burn those calories!


Comments on: "Look Ma! No Donuts!" (4)

  1. I just stumbled across your blog this morning. I don’t even know how, but I’m glad I did! My sister had bariatric surgery. It’s great to see more support pages out there for her! She’ll be here…I’ll stay. You’re going right into my site’s blogroll.
    Keep up the grand work!!!!

  2. Don’t forget item #6! You inspired someone else to get moving this week, too!

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