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I Either AM, Or I Am NOT


I was in a conversation with someone once, and even though I don’t remember the topic, I remember telling him that I was trying to accomplish something, and he said, “You are either doing it or not doing it.  There is no in-between.”


At first I wanted to argue, but then I started thinking about what he said.  He was right. 

The title of this post was going to be I’m Trying, I Really Am!  But then I remembered that statement and realized that I couldn’t get away with that.

I’m either actively exercising daily or I’m not.

I’m eating appropriately or I’m not.

I’m taking the steps to get to my goal. 

Or.  I’m.  Not.

What I know is that I am eating healthy most of the time.  I can plan for those times that I don’t, and if I choose to eat something “bad,” then it IS my choice.  Let’s be honest.  Sometimes I choose to eat the brownie.

Regular exercising is more of a struggle.  I wanted to start whining about how I’m trying to be better.  But am I?  It’s far too easy for me to make an excuse.  When I don’t exercise, I’m choosing that option.  It’s all on me.


I have a dear friend who lives far away from me and I had texted her about fitting into a smaller size.  She responded by telling me that my success gave her motivation to exercise!  What a compliment!  And then I remembered that even though I was “trying” to do better, I really wasn’t giving it my all.  So my friend and I decided to exercise in the mornings and text each other when we were through.

Well, you knew I’d have to take photos and share all the gory details with you.

I had the alarm set for 5:15. IN THE MORNING!!!!


I did not want to wake up yet!


Be glad I'm sparing you photos from me actually getting dressed!


Yep! shoes, too!


Grabbed some water...


Slide in the DVD. Sorry some of these are out of focus; I didn't have my glasses on yet!


Grabbed my glasses so I could actually SEE what was going on...


Press Play...

…and then I completed my workout, feeling very proud of myself.  How do you keep doing what it is you need to do?





Comments on: "I Either AM, Or I Am NOT" (2)

  1. Yes, we CAN!

  2. baby steps…and SUPPORT from friends! We CAN do this!

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