Better Choices, Better Results


I didn’t do the 5K on Thanksgiving Day.  I’ve gained 3 pounds.  I’ve stopped walking again.  In a nutshell – I’m struggling.

I still have my goals: to get down to 160 pounds and to run a 5K.  I just seemed to have lost my way over the last few weeks.

I think it’s normal to have times of struggle on any long journey, and let’s face it – this is not only a long journey, it’s a life-long journey!   So many times I started “dieting” to lose weight without really considering long-term goals.  My dieting goals were short-term to say the least.  “Let’s diet and lose some weight!”  End of story.  Happily ever after, right?

What happens after happily ever after?

Do you think Cinderella and her prince lived the rest of their lives without a struggle?  I’m quite sure that she got irritated at him for leaving the toilet seat up and he at her for buying so many glass slippers!

This is also an emotional struggle for me.  I’m coming to face the realization that I can never again eat the way I once ate and get away with it!  It saddens me to know that I cannot eat anything I want, any time I want without paying the price.  Last week was my birthday, Thanksgiving, a wedding shower and I was at a friend’s home for 3 days (meaning that I was out of my comfort-zone).  I ate freely!  I enjoyed new foods!  I tried cake pops (yum!) and I had pizza and bread sticks at 10:00 pm.

I gained 3 pounds, and felt sick to my stomach all night after eating that pizza.

It will likely take me 3 weeks to undo that damage.

So…like it or not, I have to make these changes a permanent fixture in my life, or I’ll gain back the 55 pounds that I’ve lost and I WILL NOT allow that to happen.

  • Eat healthfully the majority of the time and splurge only occasionally.
  • Drink more water than anything else.
  • Get up of my butt and move it to lose it!
  • Eat more lean protein, vegetables and fruit.
  • Be prepared.
  • Understand there are consequences to pay for over-indulging and be OK with that if I make that decision.

It sounds so simple, huh?


Comments on: "Struggling…Again" (6)

  1. Amy LoBianco said:

    Joann – have you seen this?? This looks like something you’d like…

    I think I’m going to sign up for it! It reminds me of your pedometer gadget that rewards you as you log in your stats to the computer.

    Thought you’d get a kick out of it!


    • Amy, I had not, but will certainly look into it. It’s similar to the S2H program I wrote about a few posts back. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy LoBianco said:

    I know you’ll overcome this new hurdle – just keep telling yourself what Queen Elizabeth tells all her subjects, “Keep Calm, Carry On”. People aren’t perfect and it isn’t fair to expect perfection from yourself all the time – especially when it comes to loosing weight! Making it through the pitfalls just makes you stronger, so when the next pitfall comes you won’t be so thrown by it. Keep looking forward and you’ll reach your goals! I’ve lost 100 pounds in the 5 months since my bypass, and I’m doing things I never thought I’d do or enjoy again – like biking, exercising, trying on clothes, etc. Try to focus on the positives and you’ll be right back to losing weight in no time! We all have setbacks, but instead of being brought low I try to use it to get re-motivated or try something new, like yoga or a spinning class or tofu! I’m still too afraid to jump on and join the spinning class, but tofu is my new friend and yoga is slowly becoming more enjoyable. Just stay positive girl! You’ll be back on track in no time!

  3. Thanks to both of you for being so supportive. I’m eating healthfully again, and I think (hope) this is just one of those temporary pity-parties.

  4. JoAnn,
    I know its a struggle for you as it is for me. We lost 55lbs. & that was a struggle,& we accomplished that,so we can have the willingness to eat more protien ,veggies,& fruit.
    We didn’t like how we felt 55 lbs. heavier so we need to struggle to feel well again.
    We can do it!! Keep on struggling,Cindy Walz

  5. Phyllis O'Dell said:

    Joann, in February 2012, I will have had my band for 7 years. Occasionally I am forced to remember that I will NEVER be able to “chow down” any more. I have come to uneasy terms with that fact, but I still feel a deep sadness from that realization and I don’t think it will ever go away.

    I never used to think about food.. I ate mindlessly and whatever was convenient. Now, I am constantly FORCED to think about the quality of the food I will eat and how much (or little) I will be able to eat at any given time. Eating large servings of wonderfully tasty food, which used to give me much pleasure, has become impossible and that fact makes me sad.

    Don’t get me wrong! I am thankful I made the decision to get my band because the weight I have lost indubitably has saved my life. I am not worried about diabetes (which eventually killed my mother) and when I have my knees replaced, as I know must happen, my recovery will be much easier. I am fortunate that I have been able to maintain my present weight level for several years, but I would like to lose 30 more pounds. That will require me to give up the “junk foods” that I still allow myself to enjoy. I know I need to change that behavior, but I REALLY don’t want to do it because of those emotional food pleasures.

    Keep chugging on, girl. You can be “The Little Train That Could”. I know it is so much harder for you since you don’t have a “tool” to help limit your intake and control your choices and I heartily applaud your successful efforts so far. You are doing so well!

    Please do not lose faith and revert to the way it used to be because of this temporary plateau.


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