Better Choices, Better Results


I did my official weigh-in last night…the first in 3 weeks.  Let me tell you – I was terrified at I’d gained at least 5 pounds.  To be honest, I was preparing myself for a 10-pound gain.  If the number turned out to be more than 10 pounds, I knew I’d probably cry.

I didn’t go hog-wild.  I had days in that 3-week span where I’d done OK.  Then again, I had days where I didn’t care what I ate at all – or how much I ate.

I haven’t exercised since October 12th.

I was in a serious funk.


I weighed in and was completely thrilled at what I saw.  Yes, I had gained weight, but it was less than 2 pounds!  I know that I can work that back off within a couple of weeks, and move forward in meeting my goal.

I was so happy that I went out to celebrate.  No, I didn’t go out to eat!  I did spend money, though…on shoes!  And by doing so, I realized that I’ve accomplished something very cool.

Last December, I sent an e-mail to my friend telling her that I was going to make some lifestyle changes.  I was going to eat less, eat better, move more and make better choices.  Like me, she struggles with extra weight, and she told me that she was having trouble
finding her motivation.  I told her to write down her Top Ten List of Good Consequences from Losing Weight, and that I’d share mine with her.

We had some similar items: being healthier, less back pain, avoiding health conditions like diabetes.  I had an item on my list that isn’t common, though.  I wanted to be able to wear more styles of shoes!

See, I have “Fred Flintstone Feet.”  You’re picturing Fred’s feet propelling his and Wilma’s car to the Drive-In Movie, aren’t you?  My feet are just like his: short, fat, wide in the front and narrow at the heel.  My feet have measured in at 7 ½ EEEE since high school.

It's not me, but it could be!

A pedicurist once told me, “Oh, you have meaty feet.  So pretty!  Not skin and bone, like mine!”  Was that a compliment?

Because of my meaty Fred Flintstone feet, I usually had to buy 9-Wides just to be able to get my feet in them!  My shoes were always too long and loose at the heel, but I had little choice.  Forget about peep-toes and sling-backs!  If I wanted to wear shoes (and I’m sure my coworkers appreciate that I do), I had to buy 9-Wides.

I’ve heard that people lose weight in their feet, especially if they have more than just a few pounds to lose.  I found that to be true in my case, as well.  I had noticed that my old shoes
were getting looser.  In fact, I have a couple pairs that I had to stop wearing because they’d fall off my feet as I was walking!

Tonight, however, I was able to purchase shoes in size 8½.  REGULAR!  Maybe I’m just a 7 ½ EE now.

My feet are still wide in the front.  They are still narrow at the heel.  They are still short.  I will always have Fred Flintstone Feet.

But…being able to find shoes that fit without having to settle for whatever they had in a 9-Wide?  Experiencing the thrill of shopping in the clearance section, which never has wide shoes?  Not having to order online because that’s where the best selection of wide-widths is found…and then not having to send them back because they still don’t fit right?



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