Better Choices, Better Results

I love those days when I feel like Wonder Woman; it feels like I can’t fail at anything and everything I touch turns to gold. feel like Wonder Woman ALL the time.....

I haven’t felt like Wonder Woman for a few weeks now.  I’m in a funk that has made me doubt a lot of what I do.  It feels like nothing gets accomplished or completed, and as a result, my eating habits have suffered. 

I’ve not been focused.  I’ve not been planning.  And…as you might have guessed, I’ve not been losing weight.  In fact, I’ve gained a few pounds.

So, in an effort to get my caboose back on track, I started thinking about Wonder Woman and her gadgets.  You know what I’m talking about: the Lasso of Truth, her Invisible Plane (transportation), her Bracelets of Victory (deflects projectiles), her Royal Tiara (razor sharp and boomerang-like), her Sandals of Hermes (speed) and her Battle Armor.  She uses all these weapons to declare victory over her opponent.

This train of thought continued on to my super hero/alter ego, and what my weapons and abilities would be.  Since Wonder Woman is taken, I have to be someone else.  Since my natural abilities are not athletic, I should probably center my alter ego on something I’m good at, like cooking or canning or crafting.  And, since the Bracelets of Victory are taken, I will have to have something else, like the Knife of Knowledge.

So, after some serious thought, consideration, and the input from some friends, I have decided to be:

Joann, Queen of the Kitchen

My super powers:

  • The ability to alter recipes so they are less fattening
  • Finding physical activity on really busy days
  • Packing healthy and nutritious lunches
  • Preserving the harvest
  • Stealing the best ideas and putting them to use

My Weapons:

  • With my Knife of Knowledge, I will cut away the unhealthy habits in my life.
  • I will use the Colander of Creativity to wash away the filth of a busy life and to retain what’s most important.
  • The Internet of Endless Ideas will allow me to see what other successful people are doing to reach and maintain their weight loss and activity goals.
  • My Fork of Fun allows me to enjoy myself when the opportunity arises, and
  • The Apron of Awesomeness just tells everyone how great I am!

    Joann - Queen of the Kitchen

With the blessings of my super-natural powers and the use of my weapons, I will slay the Dragon of Funk to get back on track and on my way to meeting my goals!


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