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Dehydrating Apples!

Please forgive me for being away so long!  I’ve been crazy-busy, but I’m back.   There’s been a lot going on in my little world, and I’ll be sharing some of it with you over the next few posts.

For today, let’s talk about dehydrating apples. 

I’ve been on a dehydrating kick since I bought my new Excalibur earlier this year.  I’ve done quite a bit of dehydrating; fruits, veggies and meats, and I learn new ways to use dehydrated foods every time I look for new recipes!

I bought a big bag of apples recently.  There were far more in that bag than we would eat, so before they went bad, I put them on the Excalibur.

First, I peeled, cored and sliced them on my handy-dandy apple peeler/corer/slicer.  (This should not have been my first step and I’ll explain that mistake later.)


Then, I soaked the apples in some water with a bit of lemon juice added to prevent browning.  I could have used Fruit Fresh or even Sprite, but I like plain old lemon water.


After I got all of the apples peeled and soaked, I laid the slices out on the trays.


Here’s where you get to have fun with being frugal!  Don’t throw the peels away!  Dry those too!


My house smelled wonderful all night.  Who needs an apple-scented candle when you can have the real thing?  This morning I had perfectly dried apples.  I sealed them in quart jars with my vacuum sealer.    

They are a little brown, but nothing like what they would be like if I hadn’t soaked them first.


So, what about those peels?  I figured I could powder those and use them to flavor oatmeal and oat bran and muffins, so I pulled out my stick blender (you could use a coffee grinder, blender or food processor) and ground it up into fine powder.  All those peels ground down to about ¾ cup.


Then I couldn’t remember if I’d properly washed all the apples, so I decided to dispose of my lovely apple powder.  It really hurt to throw the apple powder away.  Lesson learned!!!

Note to self…make sure you properly was everything!

I decided that since the peeled apples did not come in contact with the peels I’d go ahead and use those.

My apples are going to make a great addition to yogurt, muffins, oatmeal and cereal.

Hmmm….I might even just snack on them right out of the jar!


Comments on: "Dehydrating Apples!" (2)

  1. Ah, man! Why did that completely slip my mind?

  2. I have a tendency to remember I should have done something well after the fact. Then I remember a use for it after I’ve disposed of it! If all else fails…think soap additive!

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