Better Choices, Better Results

I was kind of bummed out this weekend and yesterday, because I didn’t have access to the treadmill.  I could have done other activities, but beside walking Daisy a couple of times, I really didn’t do a lot to stay physically active.  In fact, Sunday was a day where I was COMPLETELY lazy!

I was afraid that when I got on the treadmill today, I’d find it difficult to do what I did on Friday of last week, which was 4, 2:30 bouts of jogging during my 30 minute work out.

I just decided to go for it and started out with a 4-minute walk, then kicked up the speed… and my heels!  I made it for my 2:30 jog and went another 30 seconds!  Three minutes!  I could hardly believe it!

I walked for 4 minutes and jogged again…for another 3 minutes!



I jogged for a total of 12 minutes today.  My goal was to get up to 10 minutes this week, and I’ve surpassed it! 

I’m one step closer to my 5K goal. 

For the rest of this week, I want to continue my 3 minute bursts and this weekend, I’m going to add in some crunches, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.

Next week I want to increase my jog time to 3:30, 4 times.  I really do want to do well in my 5K.

My new motto:  Sweat is Fat Crying!


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