Better Choices, Better Results

I noticed throughout the summer that I wasn’t as miserable with the heat as I usually am.  I just attributed it to the fact that I’d lost some of my natural insulation.  That’s not surprising; I have 57 fewer pounds of fat than I used to!

However, what has surprised me over the past couple of weeks is how chilly I get at work.

I’m used to hearing the heaters going in some of my co-worker’s offices.  I work with several weight loss surgery patients, and being cold is a common side-effect of weight loss surgery.

I also work with a couple of naturaly thin people, so hearing heaters in their offices isn’t unheard of, either.

However – I never thought I’d be one of “those people”.  A heater in my office?  Especially when the weather is so pleasant outside?  There’s just something unnatural about that!

Yet, there it is, sitting about 4 feet away from me, kicking on every few minutes.

There it is. The heater in my office that I never thought I'd need. Hey - notice that pile of clothes in the background? Those were my work-out clothes that I used at lunch! Do I get extra-credit for today?


My coworker Tina says with her evil voice, “Come over to my side…”



Comments on: "Joining the World of Heater Users!" (1)

  1. My heater at work runs daily! I just think they keep it way too cold in here!
    Yes, most certainly you get extra points for being prepared to exercise!

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