Better Choices, Better Results

Feeling Uncomfortable

With the dip into cooler weather, I’ve been chilly a lot.   I don’t have a lot of clothing right now because I’ve given all my larger clothes away.  I really need some warmer clothes so I stopped off at a clothing store yesterday to look around at the new fall line. 

Anyway, I got to the store (OK – it’s Dress Barn.  I love Dress Barn!) and walked in.  I’ve always liked Dress Barn because they’ve carried larger sizes as long as I can remember.  Coincidentally, I’ve worn larger sizes as long as I can remember! 

Out of habit, I walked towards the right of the store.  Those of you familiar with stores that carry both regular and plus sizes know that the plus sizes are usually on the right.  I looked around for a bit before I even realized that what fits me right now are the smallest of the plus sizes and the largest of the regular sizes.  I’m in-between right now.  It’s really odd to look around and realize that everything I’m looking at is too big! 

So, I went over to the left side of the store – the REGULAR sizes.  Oh my.  I didn’t know how to feel, or what to do.  I was so uncomfortable!  I really had trouble looking at those clothes because I just didn’t feel like I belonged there.  In fact, I didn’t even try anything on, because I was afraid that it wouldn’t fit, even though I know that some of them probably would have fit just fine.

I’m at an odd place right now, where my mind doesn’t really see the change in my body, despite everything the scale tells me. 

It’s just…uncomfortable.


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