Better Choices, Better Results

I’m just so excited about having access to a treadmill!  After work yesterday, I hopped on for 30 minutes and jogged for 2 minutes twice during that time.  I kept up the pace and made sure I had produced a sweat!

Today I’m keeping busy with some end-of season canning.  I’m steam-juicing some peaches and using the juice to make peach syrup, sweetened with Splenda.  I’m using the pulp to make peach butter, yogurt-peach freezer pops and peach muffins or bread.  The last of my apple juice will be canned into single serving jars today, too.

I’m just about ready to put some sweet potatoes in the pressure canner, too.

With the canning season just about over, you may be wondering what I’ll do for entertainment during the fall, winter and spring months.  I still can!  I just switch my focus from canning fresh produce to canning things like dried beans, soups and meats like chicken and beef and even hamburger!  I’ll often make a huge stock pot of chili or beef stew so that I have enough to can and put on the shelf.

If you think about it, canning can be a huge time-saver.  It really takes no more time to make 3 gallons of chili than it takes to make 1 pot.  Once the remainder is pressure canned, I will have several meals that are ready to heat & eat over the next few months.

I can put several jars of pinto beans into the pressure canner and let them proces while I’m cooking another meal and once it’s done, I’ll have ready-made soup beans for those nights that I’m too tired to cook.  Plus, they are much less expensive than buying cans of beans at the grocery.

Do you have any time-saving hobbies?


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