Better Choices, Better Results


I have fallen off the Physical Activity wagon AGAIN! 

I keep repeating the same old cycle: I’ll walk for days and sometimes weeks regularly; then something happens that causes me to stop that activity for awhile; then I feel bad about stopping it, so I do other things to keep busy, which gives me an “excuse” to not start back; then I realize that I’m allowing old habits to control me again, which is when I decide to do something about it – AGAIN.

I am a leopard who’s trying to change her spots!

Anyway, something great happened this week on the physical activity front.

Wait for it……

Woo Hoo!

Look what I now have access to!  A treadmill!

 And this, too!



I’m so excited that I have some equipment to work out on when the weather isn’t cooperating.   I have absolutely no excuse to not get in regular physical activity now.

Come on spots…CHANGE!


Comments on: "Spots" (1)

  1. I absolutely LOVE the hip & thigh abductor! So exciting when you get new toys!

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