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Welcome to My Salad Drawer

Yum! An entire drawer devoted to my salads!

I created this over the weekend to assist me in my ongoing weight-loss journey.   It’s no ordinary crisper drawer, and there are no moldy, fuzzy, wimpy and limpy veggies in here.  In fact, because I’ve vacuum sealed the lettuce in those jars, I can fill up this drawer with enough salad fixin’s to last an entire week and not have to worry!

I got this idea when doing some canning research at home one night.  I was looking for “meals in jars.”  I was actually looking for recipes like beef stew and chicken soup that could be pre-canned and ready to eat.  How convenient to just grab a jar off the shelf and have a ready-made lunch that didn’t require refrigeration?

Well, I happened upon a site called Salad in a Jar and was immediately intrigued.  The author’s main point on her site is that you can eat a big salad for lunch every day and not feel guilty about having a dessert also.  Well, my goals are different, but I like the main thought of having a salad for lunch most days.

Here’s how you, too, can create a Salad Drawer.

Clean out a crisper drawer.  You probably have veggies in there, anyway.  Just go ahead and get them ready to be cut up for salads.

Cut up your lettuce.  I used iceberg and Romaine, but I suppose you could use any kind you wanted.  Note: the author of Salad in a Jar indicated that the more delicate lettuces don’t hold up as long.

Just cut it all up in a big bowl and fill your jars.

Fill your jars with lettuce.  I pack might pretty tightly.

Vacuum sealing is the key!

Then, you need to vacuum seal them.  Just storing the lettuce in a jar won’t prevent browning and wilting.  They must be vacuum sealed.  I bought a FoodSaver with a jar attachment just for this purpose.  (You know I love buying kitchen gadgets!  I will use this for other things as well.)

Enough for every day this week - I might even share....

Do enough for an entire week, if you want.  The lettuce doesn’t start to show age for at least 7 days, if it was fresh to begin with.

Decide on what you want to use for your salads.  As you know from my posts about being a Salad Artist, I like to get creative and use different meats, cheese, beans, dressings, nuts, etc., on my salads.

Put everything in pre-portioned containers so that you know exactly what you are eating.  Portion control matters!  A serving of salad dressing is usually 2 tablespoons, not ½ cup.  Nuts and other topping are usually by the tablespoon, too.  Don’t take a chance on making your healthy lunch unhealthy by not paying close attention to portions and just piling on the toppings.  Trust me – once you get used to lesser portions, you won’t miss all that extra fat and calories.

Put it all in the drawer and mix & match each day.

A look inside shows how I've pre-protioned everything.

This week I have lettuce, carrots, mandarin oranges, tuna, All Bran (for crunch), raisins, dried cherries and pre-portioned dressings.  Next week, I’ll probably put beans, cheese, chicken and nuts in there.

Be creative!  Be healthy!  Eat Salad!


The Masterpiece



Update:  I made my salad and it was so pretty that I had to take a picture.  Someone then asked me to compare the cost of what I brought to a typical fast food meal.  After some quick math, I determined that today’s salad cost me $3.71.  An average meal at McDonalds is over $5.00.  So, if any of you have people who argue that they can’t eat healthfully on a budget, please share my post with them.


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  1. I love making salads tonIght. I have used the jar idea before but did not vacuum seal them. Great idea. Thanks j

  2. […] I was craving a big salad.  A big, fruity salad.  With chicken.  I had lettuce from my salad drawer, I had kiwis, fresh pineapple and madarin oranges.  I had all the makings for a great salad.  […]

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