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Goodbye…For Now

I was going to give a quick synopsis of the 2011 garden today.  I “closed shop” last Saturday when I went out there and pulled up the second growing of green beans, loaded up the water hoses and untangled the tomato cages.

However, when I started looking at all the photos I took this spring/summer, I started to get emotional because this garden meant so much to me.  In doing it, I got to spend time with some people I love.  I got to learn more about gardening, which only proved to me that I know even less than I thought!  I had the fun of harvesting the firsts – the first pepper, the first zucchini, the first beans, the first potatoes, the first (and only, as it turned out) corn.

I had the misery of working in heat over 100 degrees, fighting bugs, sweating, wearing painful blisters on my hands, getting a terrible sunburn, fighting with (and losing to) weeds, and dealing with corn-snatching critters.

I harvested lots of food to feed my family!  I know that because of my work, we’ll have green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, corn, dried cranberry beans, zucchini bread and canned peppers to last until next harvest.

I got to enjoy the most beautiful sunflowers I’ve ever seen!

I figured out how to turn my little car into a farm wagon!

I got my first pair of rubber work boots – in pink!  (Thanks, Lisa!)

Enjoy this little stroll down memory lane.  I’m looking forward to starting up again next April.

Mickey and I right after our plants started blooming.


Using Mickey's cool little tiller to help keep the weeds down.


We fought hard against bugs all summer!


The day I got my pink boots. I love them and have worn them a lot!


Our green onions did very vell - I dried a bunch of them to use throughout the year.


We were/ARE so very proud of what we accomplished!All together, I canned 130 quarts of beans, dehydrated 16 quarts and had plenty left over to eat fresh as often as we wanted.


Cranberry beans were new to me. They are like pinto beans - dried on the vines, then picked and shelled. The spots on these are pink, rather than brown. They are delish!


We had 8 rows of potatoes. I've canned whole potatoes, made hash browns and plan to dehydrate even more.


Just one of the many painful blisters I had this summer!


Mickey competing with the first sunflower blossom. I think they both look great!




I harvested 24 ears of corn. After that, the critters (deer? raccoons? I think they were working together!) completely destroyed all 6 rows of corn!


We ended up with about 40 pounds of sweet potatoes.


Just a couple of the incredibly beautiful sunflowers I grew...


So sad and lonely after working hard all summer....

 April, 2012….I’ll be back!

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  1. After looking at all the beautiful pictures it makes me sad to see the end of your garden, too! I LOVE thow pretty those cranberry beans are and have to try them.

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