Better Choices, Better Results

I took the plunge…I registered for a 5K.  I knew that unless I did something drastic – like actually registering, spending money on, and telling the whole world about doing a 5k – that I’d let myself NOT complete one by my goal date.

I can’t let that happen.

So I’ll be running/jogging/walking in the 2011 Thoroughbred Classic 5K on November 24th.  The race is being held at Keeneland Thoroughbred Race Track in the heart of horse country.  My birthday is 2 days before that, so I will consider the completion of this event as Goal Achieved.

I’m being very blasé about this aren’t I?  “Oh, hey guys – by the way, I’ve decided to run in a 5K on Thanksgiving.”

The truth is; I was very nervous about this.  I haven’t been exercising for a couple months.  I have lots of excuses that I could give, but I could have continued if I’d chosen to do so.  I got lazy, plain and simple.  I allowed myself to use excuses.

I even e-mailed the organizers of the 5K and asked them if I’d be expected to actually RACE other people!  Good Lord!  I certainly can’t keep up with seasoned runners!  Luckily, they e-mailed me back and said this is a family-oriented race that invites people of all fitness levels.

Good!  My goal is to finish, not win.

I was calmer after that.

I have 75 days to prepare.

Who wants to join me?


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