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Garden Update

When I set out to plant my garden this year, I knew that my main goal (other than reaping the rewards of fresh produce) was to learn more about how to organize a garden; how to care for it and how to keep it healthy in order to get as much as possible from it.

All in all, I am very pleased with everything I’ve learned, and also how much food I’ve been able to harvest from it.

Next year, I’ll plant more sunflowers and more corn!  I got so much pleasure from being able to cut fresh sunflowers from my garden twice a week that I just want to expand upon that feeling next year.

Next year I’ll have my organic bug repellent/pesticide ready to use at the first sign of bugs.  I’ve also learned what the eggs look like for the most common garden pests, so I’ll check the leaves much more carefully and I’ll either crush the eggs that I find, or will break off the egg-infested leaves.

Next year, I’ll have the soil tested so that I can fertilize and supplement the soil with what it needs.  I feel like my corn and tomatoes suffered from lack of nutrients this year, and I want to make it better.  I feel if I can make the soil (and therefore, the plants!) healthier, I can plant fewer plants, but get just as much produce.

Next year, I’ll stake the tomatoes better.  I need to do some research on good ways to do that.  Tomatoes lying on the ground rot much more easily and are apt to be munched on by bunnies and other garden creatures.

Next year, I want to find a way to mulch or lay landscape cloth between my rows so that I can control weeds better.  The weeds are truly overwhelming!

Next year, I need to put raccoon and deer deterrents in place.  I don’t need another raid on my corn like the one we had this year.  I’m still fuming at that!

Next year, I’ll plant my zucchini and other squashes in a different lay-out.

Next year, I’ll borrow a truck once a week and bring the mower out so that I can keep the edges of the garden neat and trim as well.

I could go on and on, but the truth is – I LOVED doing this garden, and while I had struggles and disappointment, I had more enjoyment and satisfaction than I would have ever dreamed. 

Only 8 months until I can start all over again!


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