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Blasted Raccoons!

Tragedy has struck the garden.  Raccoons have destroyed our entire corn harvest.  Six rows of corn are gone. 


G. O. N. E.

I went out on Tuesday to do general garden maintenance; water, pick what was ready, cut some flowers, etc.  I wondered through the corn rows to see if any was ready yet.  I found 2 dozen ears that had brown silks, so I pulled those off and brought them home.

On Thursday, Mickey went out to the garden and found that our corn had been destroyed by critters; most likely raccoons. 

Gone?  All of it?  Come on…we had 6 rows growing.  How could they destroy all of them?

I went back out there on Saturday to see what could be salvaged.  I was thinking that there had to be some corn left on the stalks that could babied until it was ready to pick.

I was completely shocked at what I saw.

Stalks were broken over and the ears had been pulled off.  There were cobs lying on the ground without any niblets left on them.  The ears that weren’t pulled off the stalks were “opened” – the husks had been pulled down and the corn had been eaten right off the cob.  There was nothing left.  NOTHING!!!

Even worse?  Our neighbor’s corn, which was bigger and stronger and much healthier-looking than ours, was left untouched!

Worse than that?  It appears that our neighbors have abandoned their garden, so that corn might be wasted.  If I knew for sure, I’d harvest it, but since I never see them, I can’t ask.


Have you ever encountered rogue, corn-hunting ‘coons?  What did you do to protect your harvest?


Comments on: "Blasted Raccoons!" (2)

  1. If it is coons you might try getting clippings of human hair from the hair salon and put it up and down the rolls of corn and also try walking barefooted up and down the rolls of your corn, also scare crows in the garden and spray the clothing with cologne. If you have access to electricity–you can fix a motion detector light and a plug for a radio on one side when the motion detector picks up movement the light comes on and also the radio it will scare coon off. Of course this won’t work for deer if that was the animals that got into your corn.

  2. I want some proof of these masked bandits! Did you check the ground for foot /hoof prints? Maybe you had deer in your garden – they do love corn, it’s what hunters use to attrack them to their farms. You may have blamed the wrong critter.

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