Better Choices, Better Results

Remember when I said that I don’t like to sweat?  Well, this journey that I’m on to lose weight and eat better is changing me.  I’m starting to appreciate the sweat produced from honest work that provides for people I love.

I’m speaking about the garden; this “labor of love” that has caused me many blisters and much sunburned skin.  The place I go to put on my hat, sunglasses and pink work boots and then sweat through my entire outfit. 


I love this garden!

This past week’s weather was certainly challenging.  We had heat indices at over 100 degrees and yet, the gardening had to continue.  That’s the rub with gardens – they don’t require attention according to the comfort level and convenience of the people working them.

We are now beginning to harvest pretty regularly from the garden.  Typically, I get peppers, squash and zucchini each time I go out.  The cabbages are starting to come in, too.  We’ve gotten 5 heads so far. 

The tomatoes are pretty puny this year.  I don’t know if it’s the soil, or if planting it next to the corn caused problems, or if there’s a tomato blight, or what…but they just don’t look good.  The vines, which should be over-running us by now, are still kind of small and pitiful.  I’ve been watering, and we do have a few small green tomatoes…  Oh well, I will supplement our harvest at the Farmer’s Markets and it’ll be fine.

We planted corn twice.  The first corn didn’t really grow much.  It’s short and yellowed and not producing, so I think I might just pull it out of the ground the next time I go out there.  Since it’s next to the tomatoes, maybe the extra sunlight will help them.  The new corn looks much better and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get enough to harvest!

Anyway – back to last week.  I went out there three times to do necessary watering/weed-pulling and harvesting.  I weeded our onions, which we’d already thinned out and “stomped” to encourage growth to the bulbs instead of the green blades.  They are doing pretty well in bulb-formation.  I know this because my enthusiastic weeding actually pulled up some of them.  I put them back in the ground and lovingly put dirt back on top of them.  I hope I didn’t kill them.

Our squash beds are a mess.  This is one area that I will definitely redesign next year.  Weeds, weeds, everywhere!  I’ve been weeding some, but it’s overwhelming.  Luckily, the squash plants don’t seems to mind sharing their space with weeds. 

It’s all a learning process.

I harvested our first two rows of potatoes on Friday.  I dug out about 40 pounds of them and am quite pleased with those results considering how close we came to losing our entire crop to potato bugs


I didn’t mind the terrible heat too badly, all considered.  I suppose that when you look at the entire situation, you simply have to decide what you want the most and move ahead appropriately. 

  • I want this garden to be successful; therefore I go out there when needed.
  • I get a charge of excitement whenever I harvest something new, so I go to check the plants regularly.
  • I LOVE seeing what sunflowers have bloomed and don’t mind fighting the bees for them.  (I win and haven’t gotten stung…yet.)
  • I get so excited when I look at what we pull from the garden and know that my family will eat well over the next year because of my work.

I’m already making plans for next year’s garden.  I’m starting to love gardening!  I never would have thought I’d feel this way.

In fact, I’m looking forward to going back out there tonight…



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