Better Choices, Better Results

I bought an Excalibur Dehydrator in January.  Excalibur is known as one of the better models of dehydrators, so I felt like spending extra dollars on this purchase was warranted.  I’m so glad I bought my dehydrator, and only wish that I’d spent the extra money to get a larger model.

With my dehydrator, I have made a healthy alternative to potato and corn chips.  I’ve taken zucchini and sliced them very thin.  I add a little salt & pepper to them and dehydrate them.  They are pretty good by themselves.  They satisfy my salty/crunchy cravings, but are great with salsa, too!

Yellow Zucchini gets transformed into Zucchini chips!


Zucchini chips. I love them!

I’ve dehydrated green beans.  While I haven’t cooked any yet, I feel sure that they’ll taste like old-fashioned shelly-beans.  Dehydrated foods are such a space-saver, too!  I put 10 quarts of beans on the dehydrator, and they shriveled down to 1 quart.

This huge bowl of beans shriveled down to...


...this little bowl of dehydrated beans!

I’ve dehydrated zucchini chunks to put in soups and casseroles.  I’ve dehydrated green onions that can be used in any number of ways.

I’ve sliced zucchini into grill-size pieces.  I’ll rehydrate them, perhaps in a marinade, and will see how they rehydrate and if they are as good grilled as they are when fresh.

I found red, orange and yellow peppers on sale…yes, they were dehydrated, too!

I dehydrated a few green tomatoes.  I’ve been trying to find a way to enjoy fried green tomatoes in the winter – maybe dehydrating them in the answer.  I know that canning and freezing them doesn’t work out well, as they are way too soggy.  I’ll let you know.

I can’t wait to try dehydrating potatoes, sweet potatoes and red tomatoes, which I plan to turn into tomato powder.  Maybe some corn and jalapeno pepper, too!

Oh, such fun to experiment!


Comments on: "Dehydrator, I Think I Love You!" (2)

  1. How long did you dehydrate your zuccini? I have a bunch from the garden,I’ve been bad I’ve made breads with mine. But the chips sound amazing…

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