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Jars, Glorious Jars!

Summer’s harvest has meant that I’m doing a lot of canning.  All this canning means I’ve been worrying about running out of jars.  I now think I’m going to be OK on that front.

My dad went to an auction last week and brought home about 8 boxes of jars for me.  Most were regular canning jars, but a few were really old and gorgeous.  There were also quite a few old mayonnaise jars.  Hey, when you’ve gotta get that food preserved, you’ll use whatever is available to you!

Just 2 of about 8 boxes of old, dirty jars that were bought at an auction.

These jars must have been sitting in a dirty basement or old barn, because they were DIRTY!  Each jar got washed twice; once by hand and once by dishwasher.  Some got washed several times to get the grime out of them, some got thrown out because of the grime…and one was thrown out because it had a dead and mummified mouse in it.

The most amazing find, I think, were some old LAMB jars.  These were made at the LAMB Glass Company in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, around the 1920s.  I’d never heard of Lamb jars, but was thrilled, because my grandmother’s maiden name was Lamb.  I feel like she’s blessing me from heaven above.  There were 5 of them in that batch of old jars.

My favorite out of the batch! There were 5 LAMB jars!

There were some Samco Genuine jars, some Atlas jars and some older Ball and Kerr jars.  After everything got washed and sorted, I ended up with 119 useable jars.

Atlas jar with very square sides.



Samco Geniune Jar


What a great gift!

All clean and shiny and ready to be filled with the year's harvest!


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