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Where It All Fell Apart

Remember a couple of posts back when I told you about weeding for hours in either a bent-over or squatting position?  Well, 2 days later I started paying for that unusual physical activity.

My legs hurt so badly that I could not walk comfortably for nearly a week.  I attempted my morning walks, but after a lap or two, I simply couldn’t go on.  I had this unnatural gait that reminded me of the episode of the Brady Bunch where they go to the Grand Canyon and ride the donkeys to the bottom of the canyon.  Remember how Mike, Carol and Alice walked when they got off the donkeys?  That’s how I was walking!

In addition, if I started to work out some of the pain, it would come barreling back as soon as I got still for any length of time.  You should have heard the moaning and groaning every time I needed to get out of my desk chair at work!

Anyway, this lapse in my normal routine carried over into a second week, and now I’m struggling to get back on track.

Finding the motivation has been difficult.  I keep justifying by saying that I’m getting in physical activity with all the gardening and canning.  While this is true, it’s not the same type of activity, nor is it as intense or done for as long a span as my walking.

Tomorrow will be the day for me.  I will get back on track.  I have to!

This is something I do for me.  No one else benefits from this.  Only me.

It’s my time and I’m taking it back!


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