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I’m Back!

I’m so sorry for the lapse in time between my last post and this one.  I have been “crazy-busy” with work and gardening and canning and dehydrating!  I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been doing ever the next several posts.

I have to say that over the past two weeks, there has been little rest for me.  OK – let me qualify that.  I do go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I’m not one of those people that can survive on little sleep.  I need a full 7-8 hours to function.  I consider myself blessed that I’m able to sleep solidly and soundly most nights.

However, there’s been little down-time.  Between trying to keep up my morning walks (more on that in a later post), working, gardening and canning….well, let’s just say that I haven’t watched very much TV lately, and to be honest, I really haven’t missed it.

Two weeks ago, my gardening partner and I went to the garden to do basic maintenance.  Mickey brought his wife, Lisa, along, and she was a great help.  We plowed between the rows, watered and weeded.  In fact, while Mickey plowed, Lisa and I weeded and weeded and weeded – and still didn’t get it all done!  What is the purpose of all those weeds?

All told, we spent about 3 hours at the garden that night.  Half of that time, I was either squatting or bent over to yank out those weeds!  (This info will be important to know in future posts.)

Anyway, we left the garden that night feeling very good about ourselves and what we’d accomplished.   Also – I left that night with a very cute pair of gardening boots, compliments of Mickey and Lisa.

That pasty, pale-skinned person on the right would be me. That's Lisa on the left.


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