Better Choices, Better Results

Preservation has Begun!

I live for summer and early fall.  Not because I love the weather.  In fact, the heat really gets to me, and I tend to stay inside as much as possible.  I love summer and early fall because it is the peak of harvest season!

Canning and freezing have been the main focus of my preservation skills over the past few years, but this year I have a new weapon in my arsenal: an Excalibur Dehydrator!  I’ll be drying fruits and veggies this summer along with my canning and freezing efforts.

I did my first project last night, and it turned out great!

We’re growing onions in our garden.  Lots and lots of green onions.  Part of them we plan to use as green onions; the rest we’ll let grow into larger onions that we’ll harvest and use over the winter.

I pulled up a couple dozen of the onions the other night and last night I chopped, washed and got them into the dehydrator. 

I learned something valuable in the preparation stage:  If you haven’t removed your make-up prior to chopping the onions…


…the onions will do it for you!

As I said, these turned out just as I expected and I’m so pleased.  Here are the onions as they went into the Excalibur:


And here they are this morning, after I removed them.


 Here’s a very important tip:  when dehydrating onions and garlic, do it outside.  If you don’t take your dehydrator outside, your entire household will be in tears from the vapors! 

Luckily, I knew this, so my dehydrator sat on our patio last night.  I’d be willing to bet there were no uninvited guests roaming around last night!


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