Better Choices, Better Results

My walking buddy and I were talking about our difficulty in drinking enough water.  I usually get in enough, but some days I just don’t.

She said that her friend had made a little bead reminder system and she’d get me one. 

This morning, she presented me with what looked like a beaded keychain, minus the key ring.  Then she demonstrated it for me, and my light bulb went on!  This could be used for so many things!

I stopped and got the materials for less than $5, and I have enough beads and ribbon to make bunches of these reminders.   

First, gather your materials.

The materials are easy to find and cheap!


Then, cut a length of ribbon about 3 feet long and gather the number of beads you’ll need.


 Next, you’ll bring the two ends of the ribbon together, then, at the other end, tie a knot an inch or so down from the loop.  This creates a hanger.


Next, take the first bead and, starting from the open end, feed both ends of the ribbon through the bead.  Feed one end through the right side and one end through the left side.


Hold the loose ends tightly and slide the bead up.  Repeat with each bead until you’ve gotten all of them on the ribbon.


Now you’ll leave a space of about one to 2 inches at the bottom of your last bead and will tie another knot.


You are now ready to start sliding your beads down!  Each bead can represent:

  • a glass of water
  • completing some physical activity
  • taking vitamins
  • eating protein
  • or any other number of items you want to track!

 I’m keeping my water tracker on my computer.  My goal will be to drink 8 glasses of water BEFORE I go home in the afternoon.

 I already have a list of other uses brewing in my mind.  

What would you use this to track? 

What other methods do you use for tracking?



Comments on: "A Cute (and EASY) Reminder!" (1)

  1. Wow, Joann, what a great idea! Love, Mom

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