Better Choices, Better Results

I was walking in my neighborhood over the weekend and stopped to talk to a neighbor that I’ve never met before.  Actually, her dog lunged at me and I was trying to keep her (the dog) from running into the street.  Luckily, I’m not afraid of dogs, and when she said that her dog hates hats, I removed mine and everything was fine.

Anyway, my neighbor said she’d seen me walking and knew that I wasn’t merely out for a stroll.  She knew I was walking for fitness and asked if she could join me.

Like many of us, she knew she’d be more likely to stick with it if she had a buddy to walk with, so I said, “Sure!”

This morning was our first walk.  Up at 6:15 and at her house by 6:30.  (Am I devoted, or what?)

It was nice to have someone to walk with.  The time went faster than when I’m alone.  I didn’t have that urge to quit between the 3rd and 4th lap.  We both felt that sense of accomplishment at the end of the walk.

I’m glad she stopped me – this will be good for both of us.


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