Better Choices, Better Results

Toiling away in the soil...

Look! I look like a farmer! (Well, maybe not...)

Mickey and I went out to the garden on Sunday to do a little maintenance.   A little weeding, a little more planting, and spreading out some hay were on the agenda.  We got a little rainstorm shortly after we started but decided to wait it out.  Of course, this made the garden muddy, but a little mud never hurt anyone.

Mickey and I got to work.  We planted a few more pepper plants, scattered hay between the squash mounds and tilled up between the rows.  Here’s where it got fun…Mickey has this great little tiller that’s the perfect size to grind up the weeds between rows!  I’d never worked with a tiller like this.  It was so much smaller than the monster my dad used to have.  I remember trying to work that one and having it drag me all over the place, with daddy trying to catch up to me to cut the power.   Ahh, memories.  Anyway, this one was small enough for me to handle.

Almost everything is coming up.  I think I’m going to have to thin out the corn a little, and we’ve got plans to put out more corn and beans later in the season for a late crop.

I hope that we have a good harvest!

After a brief spring rainstorm, Mickey and I work the soil...(I'm so dramatic!)


Comments on: "Now it’s MUD Between my Toes!" (1)

  1. Crystal said:

    I am so envious:)

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