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Garden Masters!

Can we grow a garden, or what? 

OK, ok…my head is getting a little too big. Our garden is doing well.  Almost everything has sprouted.  It looks like bugs are already getting on our tomato plants, so I’ve asked Mickey to work his magic.  We are trying to keep this garden as organic as possible, which means Mickey’s magic will be him picking off the bugs, one by one, and killing them.

The plants may be little now, but soon enough we should have big, productive plants! Keep your fingers crossed!


We’ll also try to use non-pesticide ways to discourage the bugs.  I’ve been told that sprinkling flour on the plants will keep bugs away, so we are going to try that.

Have you heard of chemical-free ways to keep bugs at bay?  I’d like to hear from you!


Comments on: "Garden Masters!" (1)

  1. Greg D Woodruff said:

    Mothballs work on animails, why not bugs?

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