Better Choices, Better Results

In yesterday’s post I commented on how we can be easily tricked into eating more based on external cues, like the size of our plates and bowls.

Today, I brought in smaller bowls and decided to run a little experiment.  I took two bowls that were the same style and shape.  One bowl is ½ the size of the other.

This larger bowl looks like it's holding a sad little portion of food.

Then I put the same amount of fruit and yogurt in each bowl and took photos.


This smaller bowl, filled with the exact same amount, looks appetizing and filling.


See how much more appetizing and fulfilling the smaller bowl looks?  It’s because we are programmed by our society to eat large portions and to fill our plates and bowls until they are full!

This is such an important lesson for us to learn. 

It’s small dishes for me from now on!


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