Better Choices, Better Results

Our Roles in Life

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in the role that society has chosen for you?  Here’s what I mean:  I’ve always been the “nice girl”, the “responsible girl”, or the “go-to person” for people.  I’m OK with those roles.  My personality suits them, and I’d rather be known as the “nice girl” than the “mean girl.”  I like helping people out and making sure that projects get completed.

There’s another role that I’ve been cast into; partly by society and partly by my own habits and choices.  Very often, I’m “the biggest person in the room.”  Wow.  In this instance, bigger isn’t always better.

I take a huge part of the blame for this.  I ate big portions and definitely had my fair share of over-processed and sugary foods.

On the other hand, it always seems like a group of people will want to categorize everyone around them.  It’s like a lifetime of high-school cliques!  If you put a group of strangers together, it won’t take long for the crowd to decide who’s popular, funny, strange, athletic…you get the picture.

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own labels from now on.  You can still count on me to be nice and responsible, and I’ll always want to “git-r-done.”  But, from now on, I also want to be smart, funny, outgoing and kind.  I want to be active, healthy and a great cook.

Did you notice that none of these labels have anything to do with weight?

I think it’s time to leave size behind when “sizing up” the people around you.


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