Better Choices, Better Results


I decided that I needed a new strategy in my 5K training.  I tried another program (which I posted about), and while I think it’s a good program, I just don’t think it’s for me at this point in my life.  I think I’m still a bit too heavy for running.  I’m working on that problem by eating better and moving more. 

This past weekend I measured out a 3-mile trek in my neighborhood.  The course consists of 5 times around a certain loop in the neighborhood.  The loop is .6 miles, so 5 times around = 3 miles.  A 5K is 3.1 miles, and by the time I walk to the beginning of the course and then back after I walk the 3 miles, I figure I get in 3.1 miles.

I’ve been walking the course every morning this week.  I take Daisy on the first loop.  She enjoys the walk and it’s good for her, and I never have to convince her to get her business done.  The walk works it out of her!

I drop her back off at the house, pick up my MP3 player, and do the remaining 4 loops at a faster pace.  Right now I’m walking to some Biggest Loser workout music.  It keeps the beat up nicely and I’m able to complete my walk in about 50 minutes.  That’s really not bad, since I have can’t walk as fast when I have Daisy with me.

So far, I’ve done this for 4 mornings in a row.  I like that I’m getting my exercise in before I go to work.  I have noticed, however, that my legs are a little stiff after I’ve sat for awhile.  I just assume that’s because my body isn’t used to the longer walks yet.  And, of course, that I’m getting older (but don’t tell anyone).


My PLAN is to get to a point where my body is used to the fast walking – and then to try to incorporate some jogging into the mix.  I want to wait until my body weight drops below 200 pounds before I do that, and I don’t have much longer before I meet that goal! 

I’ll keep you posted.  I STILL want to do a 5K by my birthday in November.  This may be the plan that works for me!


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