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Garden Update

After weeks and weeks of rain, we FINALLY got the garden planted!  Right now, it just looks like tilled-up dirt and dirt mounds.  But in a few weeks, there will be lots and lots of little plants that will hopefully grow into great big productive plants!

Our little tomato plants. Soon enough, they'll be HUGE!



We've planted our squash and cucumbers in hills. It looks like a colony of prarie dogs lives here!

OK – let me see if I can remember everything:

7 hills of zucchini

4 hills of lemon squash

5 hills of cucumbers

5 hills of acorn squash

5 hills of spaghetti squash

6 hills of butternut squash

4 rows of white potatoes

4 rows of red potatoes

2 rows of white onions

2 rows of yellow onions

6 rows of roma beans

6 rows of blue lake beans

2 rows of corn

6 hills of watermelon

2 rows of sunflowers

26 tomato plants

9 sweet potato plants

24 (I think) cabbage plants

4 pepper plants

I still have to make my carrot seed mats.  Then I’ll plant those to see how they do. 

Mickey and I spoke with a neighboring gardener, and he said that he fed 10 households last year out of his garden, which is ½ the size of ours.  I can’t wait to report on how much we are able to harvest!

I’m tired already.


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