Better Choices, Better Results

My weight loss chains have sure changed from the last time I posted a picture of them. 

These were my paperclip chains at 20-pounds.



Now my "Lost" chain drags the floor and had to be tacked up!


The first time I posted, I’d lost 20 pounds by eating sensibly: more fruits and vegetables, lean protein, lots of water and lowering my carbohydrate, sugar and fat intake.  I also started moving more.  Mainly, I was walking; a definite improvement over where I was 6 months ago.

As of today I’ve lost 36 pounds.  My “lost” chain was starting to drag the floor, so I had to pin it up.  Look closely and you can see that I’ve put in a down-arrow paperclip at each 5-pound loss.  I’m 38% of the way to my ultimate goal. 

It’s not easy to lose weight.  I have days where I really struggle, but I have days when my determination is stronger, so it’s not so bad.  It’s all about learning something new and interesting and motivational every day.

I’ve learned that I can have treats and celebrate special occasions.  I’m learning to cook dishes that are both delicious and healthy.  I’m learning to plan better.  I’m learning to keep going, even if it means I have to change the plan to suit my needs for the moment.  Keeping it flexible when necessary and structured at other times is a good combination for me.  I even lost weight on my recent vacation!

If I can keep learning, keep trying and keep moving, I will get there.


Comments on: "One Gets Shorter, the Other Gets Longer" (1)

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss, way to go! And I love-love-love the visual reminder as you reach new stages. You must be feelin’ so great!!

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