Better Choices, Better Results

5K Update

I kind-of fell off the 5K training wagon while I was on vacation.  I think I over-did my training by doing it two days in a row, because for the next week I had stiff, sore knees.  This tells me that either I’m not ready (physically) for running, or that my form is incorrect, causing extra stress on my knee joints.

I haven’t given up, though.  I’m going to start again, but go slower by not running every day.  I’ll go the every-other day route and hope that my form improves and I’m able to progress.  I’m also going to repeat each training week until I feel like I’m able to fully perform that week’s task without feeling completely wiped out.

This means it’ll take longer to get me there, but I still plan to get there.

I will get there.

I will run a 5K.

I will set a new goal.

It will be a more realistic goal for someone who’s never been an athlete.

I want to run a 5K by my birthday in November.

I’ll keep you posted.


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