Better Choices, Better Results

On Vacation

I’m going to be on vacation for a few days, so I might not be posting as regularly as normal.  I’m going to visit a friend who’s a herd manager for an Alpaca Farm!

We’ll be traveling to Nebraska to a popular and well-known Alpaca show, where I’ll get to help with the animals and take lots of photos.  Can you imagine how excited I am to do this?

I’ll share my experiences when I get back.

While on vacation, I will:

  • Choose to eat healthier meals. I won’t throw all my progress out the door because I’m “on vacation.”  I will enjoy myself, but will not eat lots of unhealthy food just because I’m “on vacation.”


  • I will continue my 5K training by taking my running shoes and my training schedule.  I’m sure the hotel will have a gym.  If not, I’ll make do with the parking lot.


  • I will take lots and lots of pictures to share with you!


See you in a few days!


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