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It’s Official

I must be CRAZY!  After dinner tonight I was trying to decide if I should train for my 5K today.  It was raining, so I thought maybe I’d skip today and train tomorrow. My mom, being as full of wisdom as she is, said, “Well, if you were in a real race they wouldn’t call it off for rain, would they?”



She was right.  So I put on my running clothes, a light waterproof jacket and a ball cap to help protect my glasses.  I’m nearly blind without them and don’t wear contacts.

Out the door I went, into the rain and wind.  I started out with a 5-minute walk.  Then I had to switch to a jog/walk pattern for twenty minutes.  The pattern is 60-seconds of jogging then 90-seconds of walking.  Repeat 7 more times for a total of twenty minutes.

On the second round of the jog/walk, it started raining harder.

On the third round, it started lightning.

On the fifth round, I couldn’t get through the entire 60-seconds of jogging and I wanted to quit!  It was raining, after all!

I didn’t quit, though.  I ran for 42 seconds of the 60, walked the remaining 18 seconds and then persevered into the 90-second portion of the round.  By the time that was over, I had regained my momentum and was able to finish out the workout.

In the rain.

By the way…that jacket WASN’T waterproof!

I must be out of my mind!


Comments on: "It’s Official" (3)

  1. At least the rain washed the sweat away this time around:)

  2. Cindy Walz said:

    Way to go JoAnn!!!! Keep it up!

  3. Phyllis O'Dell said:

    You GO Girl!!!!

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