Better Choices, Better Results

Here We Go

Sunday was gorgeous.  It was so nice that I took my regular “exercise” walk outside instead of driving to the gym.  I couldn’t resist the sunshine and the breeze.  I learned something along the way.

I’m getting fitter.

Life-altering, huh?  Well, maybe not for most, but for me, it was very inspiring.  See, as I’ve said before, I have never been one to stick with any type of exercise program.  I’ve been doing my best to take the stairs at work and to not miss a day of walking.  My target has been to walk three days each week.

I’ve been doing all this at a gym, since I started in February.  Yesterday was the first day I’d walked outside.  I was a little nervous, because the gym floor is level; there are no hills.  Truthfully, I was concerned that I’d get very winded on the little hills in my neighborhood.

I didn’t.  Yes, I breathed a little harder, but not so much that I had to slow down my pace.  I kept walking with the beat of my music, which was 40-minutes long and designed for walking.  I also realized that I’m walking at least twice the distance that I’ve ever walked before in our neighborhood.

I’m doing so well that I think I can kick it up a notch.  Next week I’ll start the Couch to 5K ( ) training program.  We’ll see how it goes.   I’m excited about the thought of actually completing a 5K.  Who am I kidding?  I’m excited about the thought of being able to run for one mile!

I’ll keep you posted.

Is anyone a runner?  I could use some tips….


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