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I Did It!

Slow + Jog = Slog

I hit a milestone yesterday…I slogged the entire way around the track!  This is really big for me!  I’m 42 years old and have never – I mean NEVER – done any type of physical activity with any real consistency.  To know that I’ve made enough progress to actually jog (even slowly) around is huge for me.

Look out, 5K, here I come!


Comments on: "I Did It!" (1)

  1. Cindy Walz said:

    I also have been consistent in my excercise plan since lap band surgery in August,2011. I excercise three days a week at the Wellness Center & ride stationary bicycle for 10 minutes ,three days a week ,plus other machines.
    Its been years since I’ve done this & have had a fifty lb. weight loss & feel great for my 66 yrs. of age. Consistency is the answer! Cindy Walz

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