Better Choices, Better Results

Energy to Burn

Last night I had energy to burn.  I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned and learned how to work a new coffee pot (and I don’t even drink coffee), ironed two sets of curtains, ironed 2 shirts and cleaned 2 windows, including the tracks. 

Normally after I eat supper, my main activities are cleaning the kitchen, checking e-mails and watching TV.  Where did this energy come from?

I think it’s the result of two things: my weight loss and the fact that we had a lighter supper than normal.

I’m currently carrying around 30 fewer pounds than I did 4 months ago.  While it’s not all the weight I need or want to lose, 30 pounds is a lot!  Think of toting around 3 sacks of potatoes or 6 bags of flour all the time.  Energy that I used to use just for carrying the extra weight can now be used for other, more important tasks.

Also, we had Salad Supper last night.  We do this once a week, on average.  We fix a big salad and have low-fat cheese, chicken, low-fat dressing and almonds to add protein and extra nutrition.  The lighter supper meant that my body wasn’t using a lot of energy trying to digest a heavy meal.

Something else I just thought about…I purposely avoided after-supper snacking last night.  Normally I’ll save part of my daily food intake for when I watch TV at night.  Last night, even though I had enough left in my food budget to enjoy some snacking, I refrained.  Maybe that helped, too.

Either way, I like that I had energy last night.  It was nice to go to bed feeling good about the night’s accomplishments.


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