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Spring Cleaning

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around the house.  I want to give the house a really good deep-cleaning; to go beyond the basic maintenance that I normally do.  I’ve been cleaning windows; freeing them from their winter-time muck (including the tracks!).  I’ve been cleaning baseboards and ceiling fans.  I’ll be cleaning carpets and scrubbing tiled floors.  Dusting and scrubbing and sweeping.  (Oh, my!)

I guess you could call it cleaning out the winter doldrums and preparing a fresh slate for what Spring and Summer have to offer.

Here’s a BONUS:  all that cleaning is great exercise!

I’ve also be de-cluttering as I go.  Want to talk about feeling free?  Getting rid of the “stuff” that doesn’t mean anything is very freeing to me.

I’ve been making regular rounds to Good-Will, taking clothes, unused blankets, purses and knick-knacks.  I’ve been taking books to the Half-Price Book Store to sell.

I’ve been really analyzing the items I come across while cleaning.  I’ve been brutal.  If I don’t love it, have a reason to keep it, or feel strongly that I’ll be using it again in the near future; I’ve been getting rid of it.   I just have too much stuff right now, and I love the feeling of letting go of some of it.

Inspired to de-clutter, but aren’t sure how to start?  I read an article about throwing away (or recycling or donating) 5 things from each area you encounter.  Here’s a link to that page:  Basically, you start with one area – say, your medicine cabinet – and you go through it and toss at least 5 things.  Then you move on to another area.  Before you know it, you’ve de-cluttered!  Once you get 5 things out, it’s not hard to keep going and remove more stuff that’s just in the way, serving no real purpose. 

Try it!


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