Better Choices, Better Results

Carbonation, an Update

Last month I posted about giving up sodas and carbonation.  I’m proud to say that I haven’t bought any sodas at the grocery since that post.  I’m finishing off what I had in stock, and then I hope to be done with them.  I have purchased some bottles of flavored seltzer water, but I’m finding that I don’t always finish the entire bottle, so I think I’m starting to leave the bubbles behind.

I have decided to allow myself to have the occasional caffeine free/diet soda when I’m at a restaurant.  Most don’t offer anything that’s both caffeine free AND diet, so it’ll be a rare occasion that I get to have a soda, but I’m not cutting myself off from the opportunity to have one if I choose to.

I’m rather proud of the steps I’ve taken to get soda out of my life!


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