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Let Me Count the Ways

I’ve been on a life-long quest to find an exercise that I actually like.  I don’t think it exists.  However, someone very wise told me, “No one said you have to LIKE it, you just need to DO it.” 


I reckon she’s right.  It would be a lot easier to do if I liked it, however.

So, what have I done in the past?

As a kid, my favorite exercise was my pogo stick.  I bounced nonstop, it seemed.  Do they make those for adults?


Before I had my driver’s license, biking was the ONLY way to get anywhere.  However, being a homebody, I didn’t really go anywhere very often.  Then my bike was stolen and it took a long time to replace it.  By then, I was in high school and really only used the bike to get to band practice during the summer.  After I got my 1st car, the bike was never ridden again.

I got a new “retro” bike for my birthday a couple of years ago, but the seat hurts me.  I need to go to a bicycle store to see what else is available.

Swimming/Water Exercise

I’m not a good swimmer.  In fact, I didn’t learn to swim until I was 27.  I can’t do anything besides dog paddle because I can’t open my eyes under water.  It’s one of my many issues.  However, I have done water aerobics, and I did enjoy it.  It was a workout that produced sweat without me feeling sweaty.  Bonus!  The downfall is that the pools that I have available to me seldom have classes when I need them.  Also, a membership to the gym pool can be expensive.


I had an aerobics class in college.  It was an elective class my freshman year.  I had it at 8:00 am.  What was I thinking?  It definitely got blood pumping and sweat flowing.  However, it also sprained my neck and I was in a neck brace for weeks.  I don’t think I want to revisit that.


That was a miserable failure.  I bought the blades, the pads, the helmet.  I was good to go.  I was never able to find my balance.  It was a sad, sad time.


I tried this about 18 years ago.  Oh my goodness!  What a workout.  That was the one time where I saw and felt results pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, I did not stick with it long enough to become good at it.  Now, I have “iffy” shoulders and I’m afraid that I’d injure myself with the punching.

 Video Workouts

I had my collection of Sweatin’ to the Oldies.  I have a collection of Leslie Sansone walking DVDs.  There’ve been others through the years, although I never had the nerve to purchase Tae Bo or P90X.  I always have such high hopes for them, too.  I always think, “THIS is the one I’ll love!  Look how much fun those women on the cover are having!”  Nope.  Never happens.  I try it once or twice and feel so silly that I give up.  (Yep – this is another issue of mine.)

Walking / Running

I actually do like walking.  Some.  It gets boring sometimes, as I travel in circles around the track, but it is one activity that I can see becoming more interesting as time goes by.  Despite the fact that I’m a self-proclaimed “Indoors Girl”, the thought of hiking appeals to me.

I don’t think I’d ever be happy walking or running on a treadmill, though.  I could be wrong, but not actually getting anywhere would bother me, I think.

I have a goal of running a 5K one day.  Right now, though, my body simply can’t do that.  The walking track I use right now is great.  It’s indoors and out of the weather.  Nine times around = 1 mile.  I tried running the other day and couldn’t get around one time before I had to stop running.  To some, this would be disaster.  However, I made it ¾ of the way around, which is an improvement.  When I first started, ¼ of the way around was all I could do.

So, what’s the answer?  For now, I think it’s to continue walking at the track, and trying to increase the amount that I can run.  As the weather gets warmer, add some outdoor hikes.  I love to take photos, so I can strap my camera around my neck and kill two birds with one stone.

Have you found a physical activity that you love?  Tell me about it!


Comments on: "Let Me Count the Ways" (2)

  1. It sounds like the indoor walking track is the way to go for an “Indoors Girl”. Keep up the good work!
    Love the blog:)

  2. Jeannie said:

    Laughing works for me!!! I bet you are laughing just reading that. See, I just help you burn a few calories….you’re welcome 🙂

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