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Signs of Spring!

It’s obvious Spring is on its way.  There are little signs everywhere.  The birds are singing louder, the tulips in my flower beds are sending up new leaves and the days are getting noticeably longer.

Those aren’t the only signs, though.  This morning, I took my dog for a walk before I left for work.

Daisy is a very cute, very loveable, very skittish dog.  She won’t go outside by herself because without one of us with her, every little noise or puff of wind sends her scurrying back to the door.

My Daisy Mae is getting a little chunky....

However, she’s Queen of the Walk, once she gets back into the habit.   Maybe it’s because when she’s on a walk, she’s never more than 6 feet away from me.  Who knows?

This morning was our first walk of the Spring.   I pulled out her harness and her leash, and she got so excited.  Jumping up and down, whimpering, making happy squeals – she was all about the WALK!

I put her harness on her, and it was too tight.  Like most Americans, she gained weight over the winter.  How on earth is she going to get back into her bikini body by summer?

I have a feeling she’s going to have to do exactly what I’m doing: eating less and moving more.  Fewer snacks and more walks.

Mom?  Do you hear me?  We gotta stop feeding Daisy so much!

Happy Spring, everyone.  If you’ve got a dog (or not), go for a walk today.


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