Better Choices, Better Results

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start.  You’ve probably been there, too.  You have so many things piled on your plate, too many people wanting something from you, and your lack of ability to keep things organized just makes you want to shut down.  When that happens to me, it also makes me want to eat.  It’s stress eating, triggered by my negative emotions about my ability to get things completed.

For example, my desk has looked like this for 2-3 weeks now.

I just couldn't stand it anymore!

Papers are scattered everywhere, projects that need to be finished may or may not be completed, but I can’t tell because I just can’t seem to get a handle on everything.  This just happens on occasion, and my solution is to shut my door and clean.

Not only do I clean my desk, I clean my mind of the emotional clutter that sabotages me.

I look through each piece of paper and toss out what’s not needed.  I file and organize.  Most importantly, I make a To-Do list of what needs to be done.  Often, I find tasks that I’ve started and haven’t completed.  I find jobs that I have completed.  I also find lots and lots of Post-It notes with little messages on them – messages reminding me to do something.  More times than not, the Post-It Projects HAVE been completed.

Now my desk looks like this.

Whew! Now I can breathe.

All my pens are in the holder.  All the scattered papers have either been disposed of or are neatly filed where they need to be.  My To-Do list is made and I know where I need to start to get everything accomplished.

Happily, my mind is at peace.  I no longer feel pulled in 100 different directions.  I have a plan in my To-Do list.  I even have a healthy snack available if I need it.  (Do I get extra credit for that?)

Sometimes we just have to make the world stop turning for long enough to get our bearings.  Take a few minutes to get a feel for where we really are; and where we need to start.

Try it!

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