Better Choices, Better Results

Our little town has a community garden.  Residents can rent a plot of land to grow fruits and vegetables and flowers on, for a very nominal fee.  The city will do the initial plowing, and there is water available.

This year I’ve rented a 1600 square foot plot next to my friend, who also got 1600 feet.  Together, we should be able to grow a lot of produce, provided the weather cooperates and we don’t turn out to have black thumbs!

Here’s the thing; I’m terribly excited about this, but I’m also a little scared.  I’ve never grown a garden on my own!  Here’s another thing: I don’t really like being outside for long periods of time.  I really am more of an indoors type of girl.  But, I’m willing to do this to prove to myself that I can.

Here’s what I know:

  • I don’t like to wear sunscreen, and I’m a fair-skinned woman.  I need to buy a big, floppy hat to protect my face, ears and neck.   A light-weight, long-sleeved shirt is also a must!
  • Potatoes, when grown in nice big hills, will produce a nice crop. 
  • Potatoes also attract potato (tater) bugs.  I need to find a non-pesticide way to deal with them.
  • Tomatoes take FOREVER to get ripe, but when they do, they all ripen at once, it seems!
  • Zucchinis are best when picked small.
  • Lettuce is a waste of time for me.  I always end up wasting most of the crop.
  • Green Beans don’t have to be picked while the plant is still in the ground.   Here’s the family secret; Kentucky summers are long enough to grow two full crops of beans.  We plant in late April, and when late June arrives and the beans are full, we pull the entire plant from the ground and immediately replant.  Early September gives us a 2nd crop, and we don’t have to spend hours bent over bean plants.  That plan works for me!  (Plus – the cattle love the bean plants!)
  • Sweet corn is heavenly!  (Corn worms are gross!  I always make my dad shuck the corn and dispose of any worms,)
  • Gardening is hard, hot work.  (Physical Activity!)
  • Canning, freezing and otherwise preserving the harvest is hard, hot work!
  • What I know is just a fraction of what I NEED to know!

There’s also a rumor about a man who steals people’s crops during the day while the plot owners are at work, and then he sells it out of his driveway.  How am I going to deal with that?

I’m ready to get started.  Come on, Spring!

Got any tips for me? 

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